The Second Truth About Love and Tips on How to Stop Judging Other People

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Going Back to the Sometimes-Elusive Poetry (Urban War)

Sometimes poetry can be elusive. They can come and visit you unannounced. If you’re not willing to embrace the moment and get immersed in it, they’ll pass by and you will not have anything out of it. Sitting at the back of the van while sweating like a pig, I felt that moment was elusive. I must not let it slip through my fingers like grains of sand. That gift from my Muse must not go to waste. I keyed in…

#ThinkAboutIt – Can You Spend Time With What You Dislike?

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don’t like we find reminders of our true self, of who we are in our core.

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don’t like we find life, beauty, and dreams.

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don’t like we are reminded to always look beyond the cover.

Sometimes, in spending time with what we don’t like we learn or re-learn something important to us.

8 Beliefs to Help You Stop Judging Other People

When we judge other people, we waste time and energy that could be put to doing something productive instead. Our energy gets depleted. We suddenly feel tired and weak.

When we judge other people, we relinquish power to them. They get our attention. They get under our skin. They take away our energy. They stain our mind with negative thoughts. They win. We lose. Simple as that.

When we judge other people, we put a wall between them and ourselves, an invisible barrier unseen but felt by both party. The chance of forming a connection to them is lost.

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11 Quotes to Help You Live a Meaningful Life and More

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Habits That Show You Love Yourself

If you are an axe will you let your edge dull as time goes by? No. Learning a new skill is something. Getting better at it is something else. Your mind benefits a lot with every progress that you make on a specific endeavour.

Love for ourselves is reflected in our habits, those things we do with discipline and with autonomy that we almost take them for granted. They appear common and ordinary because we do them very often, if not daily. But despite that, they say a lot about how we treat ourselves and eventually whether we love ourselves or not.

#ThinkAboutIt – Is Your Bucket List Truly Yours?

If you were like me then, you may ask, “So Xeno, what is a bucket list?”

It is a list of all the big dreams and goals you want to achieve in your life before you kick the bucket. Now, there went three keywords that might sound scary for some of us: big dreams and goals, life, and the bucket.

With that, I pose a simple but deep question for you.

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How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy and a Few Questions to Ask Yourself

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The Two Sides of the Fear of Control

After some time, maintaining multiple blogs became overwhelming. Publish this article here. Copy it and paste it on another. Publish it there, and there, and there. Write something different for this blog. Make each content unique. I was doing a lot of repetitive stuff and my creative energy was being used unwisely. Soon enough, it caught up with me. My multiple blogs took up too much of my time, time better spent doing other things I wanted to do as well. Alas! I had no choice but give up some of them.

The two situations, the decade-long procrastination and the refusal to let go of my blogs, were manifestations of fear – the fear of control. But it has two sides. One was the fear of TAKING control and the other was the fear of LOSING control.

#ThinkAboutIt – Do You Even Ask?

How many times in our lives did we hesitate in asking someone something because we were shy?

How many times did we keep our mouth shut and refused to express ourselves because we were afraid?

How many times did we waste the opportunity of turning someone into a romantic interest because we feared rejection?

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Three Stories of Fear and Your Choice of an Animal

Over at, we had three stories of fear: what you look like when you’re paralysed by it, the fear of new, and the fear of managing the people in our lives. Somewhere in the middle, we asked ourselves what animal shall we be given a choice.

You’ll find below excerpts or summaries of each article:

Deep inside I knew I really wanted to. I would not meet up with the career mentor if I had no interest in what coaching could do to me in the first place. I told Suzy Roxas to give me a month before I committed to a decision. “But I will be back,” I told her despite what I was thinking. I stepped out the door, headed to the elevator, and felt guilt about my incongruence. My mouth told her one thing but my mind thought another.

As I left the building, I still kept thinking about it. Thoughts ran rampant in my head: “Maybe you can just read books and online articles”, “You’re better spending your money on something else”, “You have the passion already. Why do you need someone else to guide you when you already know what you want?” Justifications. Excuses. Or the best word to call it – fear – What You Look Like When You’re Immobilised by Fear

What if we decide to finally fight fear and attempt something new in our lives? What if we want to learn how to dance, or we want to improve our fitness and start weight training, or we want to go out and meet new people? What can we expect once we have decided to lift our feet and step out into the world we should be really living in, the world where we are pursuing our dreams?

First of all, you will still be afraid. One conscious step will not completely eliminate fear, it never really goes away. Doers (people who do instead of just talk about something) still feel fear but they act in spite of it. They are brave. Yes, we can become brave too. – Small But Powerful Thoughts to Fight the Fear of New

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Question vs. Riddler (95/365)

Should You Own a Physical or a Digital Library?

When e-books started popping many years ago, I felt secretly upset. The arrival of the newcomers threatened to violate the purity of reading physical books, a journey from the cover page to the last page. When my colleagues began downloading e-book novels, I became disgusted. In my mind, it was a criminal offense and people who only read physical books were true readers in my eyes until last year happened.

Searching online for fitness tips and articles, I stumbled upon Jason Ferruggia’s blog and The Renegade Diet. It intrigued me. I have never tried intermittent fasting before and with the changes happening in my life around that time (I began my writing career), the concept of the diet appealed to me. It would give me back some of my time spent eating in the morning and noon, and it complimented my workout at the gym in the evening. I purchased The Renegade Diet and received the book in digital form. I fell in love with the book and has since then adapted to the Renegade Diet. My first e-book purchase completely satisfied me and the book became the first in my digital library.

Are you thinking of building your own library? If yes, what is the better option? Should you build a traditional physical library or a digital one? Let us list down the pros of both types of library. Continue reading


Where Have All The Motivational Articles Gone?

Were you looking for the next “Is Your Bucket List Truly Yours“? Or perhaps a follow up to “8 Habits to Improve Your Life“? Were you hoping for a Part 3 of “What Being a Nomad Taught Me“? Were you wondering, “Where have all the motivational articles gone?”

This year, my two websites and took the challenge of harnessing their focus. Hemlock Time will now be featuring writing, publishing, software, and entrepreneurial articles while Xeno Hemlock (the website, not me) will house our motivational articles. It’s a pre-requisite for our new journey this new year. Change is part of progress and yes, we’re not afraid of change!

You’ll find below excerpts or summaries of articles from

Littered throughout Foo Fighter’s latest album Sonic Highways are motivational nudges and winks. If you need a source of motivation other than tweets and photos from Instagram and Facebook, then their new album is your buddy. If your listening ears are more than open, you’ll hear hidden gems of reminders in each song, telling you a thing or two about life and dreams. – Life Reminders From Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways

Here are important phrases when talking about our dreams: my new life, my dream, my upcoming novel, my blogging, my life purpose, vision, mission, and dreams, my nirvana, my friends and family, I felt on top of the world, I had (new found life), I watched, I felt crushed, I cried.

Let’s apply some equality. If my = I (my is equals to I), what do the phrases above have in common? – The Most Important Letter in Your Pursuit of Your Dreams

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